Christmas Sporting Giveaway with Little Big Sports

Do you have sporting mad kids?

If the answer is yes then we have the perfect bundle of goodies to win and potentially start your Christmas shopping; A trio of our games and three amazing prizes from Little Big Sports.

Why did we collaborate with Little Big Sports?

Well firstly they have just about everything your sporty kids could wish for, their website is a treasure trove of sporting equipment to support children already involved in sport or those looking to get more active. Secondly when I spoke to Katie Malkinson her business resonated with ours, like myself she is primarily a mum but also a busy business owner. 

Katie started her award-winning business over 10 years ago, when she struggled to know which sized cricket bat was appropriate for her young son, let alone where to buy it. was created to help parents find the best equipment for their children to facilitate them being active whilst learning the fundamentals of the sport. No more kicking a football that was too heavy or trying to reach a tennis ball that bounced over the child’s head.

We are extremely grateful to Katie and Little Big Sports for donating these prizes for our Christmas Giveaway. Katie said “It is our aim to play a part in making sport and activity a normal and fun part of as many children's lives as possible.”

What did we think of the products donated by Little Big Sports?

Rhino Reflex Ball

Perfect for rebounding off the wall and therefore ideal for lots of the cards in our Shuffle Up Rugby Fitness Game. Squat Pass, Standing Chest Wall Pass, Behind Back Wall Pass and Long Arm Sit Ups to name a few. All great exercises for core strength, coordination and skill practice. The Rhino Reflex Ball makes handling a rugby ball possible; the unique shape of the rugby ball would normally mean that you would have to use a round ball for this exercise. It has been a real hit with my son's as you can see from the pictures.

Quote from the kids “It’s brilliant, a mixture between a rugby ball and a football.” 

Replay Training Ball

Oh my days a ball that doesn't go over the fence! The Replay Training Ball enables the player to practice shot after shot with the ball returning back to their feet and not ending up over the fence. We really liked how the elastic could be adjusted to suit the area you are in. We are currently having building work going on so the space we have available at the moment is limited but the boys could change the length to work with the smaller space.

Quote from the kids “Please can we keep this?” 

Swingball Classic All Surface

Most people reminisce back to their childhood when the Swingball comes out. My boys like to play it on the beach when we go to our hut. This set is exactly like the one we have at the beach and my favourite thing about it is how easy it is to pack away and store in its own box. The children love how you never have to pick the ball up and that they don’t need to pester their brothers to play it with them.

How can you win this competition?

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Other great products from Little Big Sports

These three items are just a drop in the ocean of the many carefully selected sporting products carefully chosen by Little Big Sports, the equipment they sell is designed to suit different ages, sizes and abilities. Quote from their website;  “The equipment allows children to enjoy sport and develop the skills of the game without wielding a cricket bat they can't lift, kicking a football that is too heavy or trying to reach a tennis ball that bounces over their heads.”

I had a look through their site for some ideas for my three boys and here is my wish list, including lots of goodies for the boys but also handwarmers for me when I'm standing on the side-line in January!;

Sports toys for Christmas


Thanks again to Katie at Little Big Sports for letting us trial these great gifts, supporting our competition and giving us an insight into your company.

To find out more about Little Big Sports visit their website and social media pages;

Instagram - @littlebigsports

Twitter - @littlebigsports

Christmas Sporting Giveaway in Collaboration with Little Big Sports